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Lead Safe Homes

Risks of Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning is a dangerous disease, especially for children. Lead poisoning can cause brain damage, reduced IQ, learning disabilities, developmental delays, and a range of other health and behavioral effects.

In 1978, lead was banned from being added to paint, varnish, and gasoline but is still present in many older homes.

Fox Cities Habitat can help

Lead remediation is critical for the health and safety of your family. If you meet the criteria below, you may qualify for FREE lead remediation work, including replacement of siding and windows!


  • Home was built prior to 1978
  • Children or pregnant women living or regularly visiting* the home on Medicaid or BadgerCare Plus
  • Homes properly insured for complete loss
  • Homes with currently paid taxes or enrolled in a tax payment plan

*Regularly visiting means anyone coming to the property at least two times per week for at least three hours each time, or at least 60 hours per year.

The Lead Safe Homes Program is funded through a grant from Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services.

To download an application for the Lead Safe Homes program, please click the link below.

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Learn more about Lead Safe Homes program

Please fill out the form below if you meet the qualifications listed above, would like to have your home tested for lead and would like to apply for the Lead Safe Homes program.

You may also call 920-967-8898 for more information.