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Maya and Mirabella1

What Home Means for Maya and Mirabella

Posted on December 7, 2023

What Home Means for Maya and Mirabella

The mission of Fox Cities Habitat is to ensure that everyone has a decent, safe and affordable place to live. We had the privilege to meet with one of our 2024 homebuyers, Maya, and her daughter, Mirabella. They share their story, what their journey with Habitat has been like thus far, and what they’re most excited about with their new home. To see their interview, watch the video below!

Watch Maya and Mirabella’s Interview!

Maya and Mirabella1

Maya and Mirabella have faced many challenges throughout the last couple of years. After going through an unexpected divorce, Maya found herself in the position of needing to find a new job that could support both herself and her daughter. They currently live in an unsafe apartment that isn’t suited for a mom raising a young daughter. Maya has experienced odors from drug usage, frequent unscheduled visits into her home to address repairs or safety issues, and constantly hushing Mirabella from running or playing so she doesn’t disturb her neighbors. On top of all this, like many renters in the Fox Cities, she’s seeing drastic hikes in rent ($335 in the last six months alone). Needless to say, Maya needed a better environment for her and Mirabella.

For Maya, the decision to apply for a Habitat home was deeply rooted in her desire to provide a safe and stable environment for her daughter. She wanted Mirabella to have a space where she could thrive, grow, build lasting memories, and, most of all, be a kid. Maya always had the desire to give Mirabella a place where she could fully embrace being herself. They are currently living in an upstairs apartment where they have to walk lightly, don’t have a yard, and have to remain quiet to respect those living below them. As a kid, that is not always easy. Maya knew she needed to give Mirabella a space where she can run, jump, play, use up that endless energy, and not have to worry about her every move. Having a stable home is essential for Mirabella to continue to grow, fully embrace being a kid, and plays an impactful role in building her future.

Maya initially struggled with the vulnerability of seeking help, recognizing that as a giver, there would be challenges that come with being on the receiving end. However, by overcoming her hesitations and reaching out to Habitat, she discovered a valuable and supportive community that has become an important part of her life. Asking for help not only provided the necessary support she needed, but also revealed a new understanding that being vulnerable can be a blessing. She is grateful for the outpouring of support she has received from friends, family and the community throughout this process.

It’s a True Partnership

“I think there’s a misconception that you just get a free home, and you don’t. You work hard, you partner, you make friendships, you learn skills, you put your heart into the community, and they give it right back to you.”

— Maya, 2024 Habitat Homebuyer

Maya and Mirabella2

When Maya got the call that she was accepted into the Homebuyer program, she was both ecstatic and hopeful. She immediately knew she needed to call her daughter and tell her the good news. When Mirabella found out, she dropped the phone out of excitement and ran circles around the living room – their dream was about to come true.

Together, Maya and Mirabella look forward to having movie nights, playing many board games together, hosting friends and family, having sleepovers, and cooking in their new kitchen. Mirabella is full of excitement when it comes to decorating her room with pinks, purples, flowers – her inspiration stemming from the character Isabella from the movie Encanto. She is ecstatic to be able to play in her front yard without the fear of chemicals in the grass, and has already determined that the grass under the tree in her new front yard will be her favorite place to read. Most of all, Maya and Mirabella are excited for the safety and comfort they will feel, in a place they can call their own.

An Ambitious Young Lady

“A firefighter, a police officer, a pharmacist, a good reader, a teacher or a doctor. But I mostly want to be a good reader (which I already am!)”

— what Mirabella wants to be when she grows up

Maya and Mirabella

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