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Cynthia Paid Off Her Mortgage!

Posted on February 29, 2024

Cynthia Paid Off Her Mortgage!

Having grown up moving from one home to another during her childhood and into adulthood, Habitat homeowner Cynthia understood the importance of having a safe place to call her own, where she wouldn’t have to worry about her next move. Providing stability, security, and a permanent home for her family was something she always dreamed of, but it constantly seemed too far out of reach. With the help of Habitat and after many years of hard work, Cynthia not only became a Habitat homeowner, but she recently paid off her mortgage! We had the opportunity to catch up with Cynthia and hear more about her journey to reaching this milestone.

Cynthia applied for a Habitat home because she had gone through a divorce, and was left with nowhere to turn. Finding a safe and secure place was a challenge, but the struggle of finding something she could afford was greater. She ended up moving to the first place she could find, which happened to be a high-rent duplex. Living there showed her that she needed to reduce expenses and gain more financial freedom. Her primary focus was to give her son a place that could encourage a stable and fulfilling life. Providing her son with a neighborhood where he could play and be a kid, as well as access to quality education, meant everything to her. When starting this journey, she was initially worried and nervous that she wouldn’t be able to succeed, but she found strength in her faith, believing that God would carry her through the process.

Her home was one of the first 10 houses built by Fox Cities Habitat. During her homebuyer journey, Cynthia was faced with a rough patch physically, but she was grateful that Fox Cities Habitat continued to find ways to help her succeed. Instead of working on the build-site of her home, she completed her sweat equity hours in the office, helping with special projects, paperwork, and more. Despite the challenges she faced, she remained committed by spending time on build sites and providing meals for the volunteers working on her home. She made many friends and enjoyed working alongside kind-hearted individuals who shared her passion for community involvement. Cynthia stated that Fox Cities Habitat played a crucial role in teaching her about home financing and ownership. Without the financial guidance, she does not believe she would be where she is today. 

“My home is an asset, it was not a free home. It’s a terrible misconception that people think you get a free home. You pay, you work hard, and you earn it.”

She stated that the Habitat team went above and beyond to accommodate her needs, including building a ramp for her mom’s accessibility (whom she often took care of) and ensuring she had the necessary space to run her business – even down to building her a custom desk with drawers.

Her favorite aspect of owning a home is the independence it has offered her and her son. She cherishes the ability to grow her own garden and make her home what she wants it to be. There are no restrictions on noise levels; she can enjoy peace and quiet or play music as loud as she wants without worrying about disturbing anyone; one of the many struggles she faced when living in a rental. She stated that it is almost 30 years later and she has never had any problems with her home—to this day it is safe and strong. Cynthia is so thankful for the difference this journey, and all the people involved along the way, had made in her life. The difference was so great, that her house was actually completed on national Make a Difference Day!

“I feel fortunate that in today’s times, and with the way the world is, I am able to have a safe place to live… to know that it can’t get taken away from me is a true blessing.”

After reaching this milestone, Cynthia feels a sense of gratitude and happiness. Despite the challenges she faced throughout the process, she believes it was entirely worth the effort and she would never change her experience – as it transformed her life in ways she never thought were possible. Cynthia considers herself lucky to have secured a home in today’s uncertain times, as she recognizes the need for housing to be greater than ever before. She encourages others to apply to the homebuyer program, and believes it is important to take the opportunity when it is presented. Her passion for the mission continues on as she wants others to have the chance to experience the same security and happiness she’s found in her Fox Cities Habitat home.

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