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Every Dollar Counts

Posted on April 14, 2023

Every Dollar Counts:

Have you ever thought about donating to Habitat, but changed your mind because you felt your $5 donation is insignificant? Here’s why every dollar counts, no matter how big or small. Together, we can make a difference!

If you’d like to support our mission to ensure everyone has access to a safe and affordable place to call home, please visit our Donate page.

Box of nails – $25

It may seem small and irrelevant, but nails are the building blocks of a home. We can’t build a home without them, and every dollar adds up!

Paint – $50

For some of our homebuyers, this is the very first time they get to decide what color to paint their rooms! The joy of seeing the children being able to pick the color of their very own bedroom walls is priceless. Being able to paint a room and decorate is something families dream of, and we love seeing their dreams become a reality.

Windows – $100

Windows let light in – physically as well as emotionally. Some of our homebuyers are moving into a brightly lit home full of hope and sunshine for the first time, leaving small dark apartments that may have broken windows that have been dirty or boarded up for years. New windows help homebuyers see new hope, because of your donation.

Front door – $250

Your donation in any amount could quite literally open the door to new opportunities for a homebuyer. This is one of the best gifts of a new home – allowing people to welcome friends and families into their new home.

Insulation – $500

Your gift could provide comfort and warmth to a family that may not have had this luxury in their previous residence. Insulation not only provides protection against the outside elements, but it also helps lower utility costs, resulting in more savings for other household budget items such as education and health care.

Bedroom – $1,000

Your gift could provide a child a bedroom of their very own. Not a mattress on the floor with other siblings, but a place they can dream and grow. This could very well be the first bedroom that parents don’t have to share with their children. A retreat they can go to relax, unwind, and reflect. It’s not just a room to store clothes and toys – it’s a place to call their own.

Living room – $2,500

One of the most important rooms of a home, where family can gather and make memories. Friends and family come together to celebrate milestones, make memories, and grow together. Some say this room is the heartbeat of the home, and your gift can create this space.

Bathroom – $5,000

A safe place to start the day, a private room to end the day as well. For some of our families, this may be the first time they’ve had a well-designed room with functioning plumbing, clean water to wash and brush their teeth. Some have not had the luxury of a well-built shower, or even a room with a mirror and storage for grooming products. Most people take this room for granted, but your gift could provide the luxury of hot water and self-esteem to a family.

Kitchen – $10,000

Your donation could contribute to a family’s gathering space – a room to come together and enjoy a meal, reflect on their day, and share family time. Friends and family tend to gravitate to this room – which is now full of joy and the comfort of knowing where their next meal will come from.

Roof & walls – $25,000

Walls become rooms; rooms become a home. A roof to cover the walls and provide shelter against the elements. A house wouldn’t exist without walls or a roof. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “a house is built of walls and beams, a home is built of love and dreams.” Without these essential items, a family’s dream can’t come true. Walls to hold families together, display décor and art that families are proud to hang, and a roof over their heads.

Safe, affordable home – PRICELESS

Your donation of any amount can make dreams come true. Any denomination is a gift that combined with other contributions can help us empower families and fulfill our vision of ensuring everyone has a safe, affordable place to live. If you’d like to support our mission, please click the button below!